Plant Medicine Stories

Super NONI and Friends

Do you want your children

to have a deeper connection with the earth?

Whether you’re a beginner to Herbal Medicine or someone with more experience, these tales told from the heart of the La’au of Hawai’i will be sure to provide 3 things.

  • A fun time getting to know the personalities of local medicinal plants

  • Coloring activity’s and easy to make recipes

  • A friendship and respect for the La’au under your feet

    *Includes poetic stories you can read aloud to your Keiki OR listen to. Detailed illustrations and printable coloring sheets!


I believe the children are our future and that storytelling is a way to have a positive impact on their tender little hearts.

These La’au, or plants, that are used in La’au Lapa’au (Hawaiian Plant Medicine) are the main characters of these stories and the stories are told from the perspective of them as a person.

I believe that when our children see these local medicinal plants as real live beings, as friends, they’ll be more apt to care for them and their environment now and in the future.

What is Super NONI and Friends?

Children learn through stories. Super Noni and Friends are told in ‘first person’ by the plants themselves; they are the main characters in the stories, so the plants take on personalities and become alive in the child’s imagination.

This was done intentionally to convey that these plants are living beings with lives/stories of their own. When we approach them as such, they become far more than green matter, but take on a life of their own, often becoming our friends, or allies, helping us when we’re sick, when we are lonely and feeling lost.

Told in Poetic and lyrical phrase, Super Noni and Friends is sure to take root in your heart. Filled with lessons and love, coloring sheets and recipes, you’re sure to find a fun and educational experience for young and old keiki alike!

I am YamaMama.

I am an HerbaIist, a teacher, and a writer. I love plants. Herbs to be specific.

As a kid I used to talk to flowers and have big Mango trees as companions. I fell in love with the plants around me and they soon became my friends and allies.

It has become my mission to share my love of La’au with the children of these Islands. To help perpetuate the knowledge and love that comes with living a life close to nature.

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